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Back-To-School Checklist-Elementary School

Back-To-School Checklist-Elementary School

Before we know it, our little ones will be headed back to school. Once again, we will have to get them ready for another year and it falls to us to make sure they have all the supplies they will need to hit the ground running.

We have compiled this checklist of supplies that most elementary school aged kids need to be fully ready for the first day of school and of course we are your one-stop-shop for all your back to school needs.

Visit to browse, click and have our whole checklist delivered right to your door, and stay tuned here for next week’s checklist for middle schoolers!

Organizational Supplies


Writing Supplies

Subject Supplies

Lunch Supplies


With this checklist, you have the power to set your kids up for success on day one of class! These items were selected from general research as well as painful firsthand knowledge of what it’s like to miss an important item on their first day. Parents, that is a dinner table conversation you don’t want to have. Be prepared!

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